If controls vary, so would the test results.

This simple truth drove development of TruQ bioengineered tissue microarray controls to help laboratories deliver reliable results.

Until now, laboratories have not had access to a satisfactory commercially-available control to meet CAP recommendations for on-slide positive and negative controls with each test.1

As targeted therapies dependent on accurate visual scoring become increasingly common in cancer treatment protocols, laboratories need consistent controls to benchmark assay performance and standardize IHC testing.

While improvements have focused to date on IHC proficiency testing and guidelines for assay validation, consistent biomarker expression in controls used in validation and testing is essential.

Tissue control profiles are known to vary. Cell line controls don’t look like tissue. TruQ bioengineered TMA controls are the answer.

TruQ Test

The first reference standard control

TruQ bioengineered TMA controls deliver the first reference-standard control that allows laboratories to meet CAP recommendations for on-slide positive and negative IHC controls.1
Consistent and Reproducible
Research has shown coefficients of variation for HER2/NEU expression on slides measured 3.18% over time, below the widely accepted 5% threshold for test reproducibility2. TruQ delivers consistent biomarker profiles, cellular polarity, and standardized biomarker expression profiles in every block—every time—providing complete control over verification and validation. Each lot of TruQ is externally tested and verified for consistency by a CAP-accredited laboratory. Pre-analytical variables are strictly controlled in every production batch.
Eliminates a time-consuming search to replace exhaust­ed tissue blocks when tissue is not readily available. Focus valuable histotech resources on improved patient care and other high-value activities in the laboratory.
Prevents disruption by ensuring a reliable source for access to controls with known biomarker expression profiles. The manufacturing process for bioengineered controls means laboratories can rely on an inexhaustible, consistent supply of controls. A carefully developed supply chain further ensures dependable access.
Easy to Use
Bioengineered controls contain the same known biomarker expression profiles, morphology, cellular polarity, and stromal components as in tissue, eliminating the need for additional training. Ready-to-use slide and block controls accommodate the existing workflows of both low and high-volume laboratories. Core size is optimized to make identification easy, but small enough to be used as an on-slide control to easily accommodate test samples.
Her2/Neu 3 Core Controls
KI-67 1 Core Controls
P16 2 Core Controls
P53 2 Core Controls
PD-L1 3 Core Controls
GATA3 2 Core Controls
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